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Today’s consumers research their options before making a choice. They might need some help, suggestions, guidance, and possibly a second opinion, but generally, they know what they want before they get it. Our goal at Optimized Marketing Group is to make sure they know they can get what they want from you.



1. It does not disrupt.

Does anyone even watch television commercials these days? Most people fast forward through them, watch the program through an online site, or choose to watch a movie on Hulu instead.

Those commercials would be considered “outbound” marketing. With some slight exceptions, like location, they are targeted to anyone and everyone watching the program at that time. Maybe some of the viewers of the program are interested in the product, but most of them are only annoyed by the constant commercials. Inbound works because it is there when people need it, not overwhelming them when they don’t.

2. The buyer personas are identified.

With inbound marketing, the potential customers are identified beforehand. If you know the customers, you can go to them.

Say, for example, that you sell clothes for that teenager. With outbound marketing, you show the clothing line that you are offering to everyone, including that teenager’s grandmother who will probably only shake her head. With inbound marketing, you grab that teenager’s attention specifically and say, “Look at this. We are sure you’ll love it because we know your style.”
When you identify people who are interested in your product, rather than market to the general public, you will be more likely to get them to buy your product or otherwise invest in your business.

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3. Goals are defined.

It’s pretty much impossible to tell how many teenagers are looking at the advertisements for the clothing line in the magazine. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, uses analytics that determine how many people are looking at your product online and identify statistics about those users, including their approximate location and age.
If you find that you are not reaching your targeted audience, you can reassess your marketing efforts until you do reach that audience – and then make sure those users keep coming back.

Marketing goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

4. It uses a variety of resources.

While identifying your target audience, you also must identify ways to reach them. Make sure useful information about your product is where they will be. If your customers are in an older age group, Facebook might be an ideal way to reach them, for example. On the other hand, teenagers are probably using Snapchat and Instagram, so you might want to use those social media outlets to reach them.

But we repeat: useful information. Inbound marketing works by educating, not bombarding. If nothing else, your buyer personas will appreciate learning something new.


There are a variety of ways to identify potential customers and ways to reach them, but it takes a whole lot of time, effort, and skill. Contact us at 888-602-0197 if you need help rejuvenating or modernizing your digital marketing efforts.

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