Lead Scoring: What It Is, How It Works, and What It Means for You

Lear Scoring

When you work with the best digital marketing agencies, you will hear the phrase “lead scoring.” Its use is what sets superior digital agencies apart from the rest, and what could make the difference between a conversion and scaring a customer away. So what is lead scoring, you ask? And how does lead scoring work?

We’re glad you asked. Let us sum it up for you.

What Lead Scoring is All About

On the surface, it is exactly what it sounds like it is: scoring your contacts based on how far along they are in the buyer’s journey. In other words, each contact is given a numeric value that identifies the likelihood that they are ready to buy.

What is lead scoring? And how does lead scoring work? It's the difference between knowing when to reach out to prospects and when not to. Analytical data is used to score where clients are in the buyer journey.Calculating this score, however, is much more complex. It requires comprehensive, intuitive, enterprising platforms like InfusionSoft or HubSpot, as well as the ability to translate what the platforms are telling you.

Through these platforms, you can list certain actions and criteria that determine your contacts’ stages in the buyer’s journey, from the moment they first learn about your brand until they are ready to convert. And that’s when it really gets fun.

Once their score indicates that they may be ready to invest in your product or service, a series of actions will take place to get their attention and draw them farther into the marketing funnel.

That’s why we at Optimized Marketing Group use the term “predictable performance.” Through these smart, innovative actions, we can more fully identify prospects who are likely to convert. How do we know? We know because we’ve explored buyer journey patterns and have seen it all unfold many times before. We also know because we base our actions on measurable statistics, and, in the case of lead scoring, the numbers truly tell the story.

Want to Know More about How Lead Scoring Works?

At Optimized, we are proud to hold numerous HubSpot certifications and to partner with InfusionSoft to provide our marketing clients with clever marketing strategies. If you want to know more about how lead scoring works, let us know. Contact us through our Optimized Marketing Group website, and we’ll be happy to tell you so much more.

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