Videos in Email Marketing: The Perfect Combination for Lead Generation

If you are using videos in email marketing, be sure to use high-quality cameras or a cellphone stand to keep the image steady.

Don’t just tell them. Show them.

That’s the idea behind using videos in email marketing.

Consumers check their emails every day, all day long, which is one of the reasons why email marketing is so effective.

At the same time, nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Why not leverage the power of both at the same time?

How to Use Videos in Email Marketing

Marketing emails should have at least one graphic, and what better graphic than a video that will show your customers and prospects why they need your product or service.

Using videos is a great way to get your email recipients to take an action and possibly make a purchase. Videos can also drive home a message that the recipient might not have thought about otherwise.

When you use video and send emails to a predetermined, targeted audience, you place the video right in front of them. They can’t miss it.

One of the greatest benefits of using videos in email marketing is that you can personalize the videos. You already know the audience and what it wants. The video can be very specific to each recipient’s industry, needs, and stage in the buyer’s journey.

Another bonus occurs when the emails are shared, leading to additional views.

Following are only some of the smart ways to use videos in your marketing strategy:

1. Introduce a new product.

If words are effective and a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture with words must be worth a million. Rather than simply writing about it, show email recipients the quality of a new product, how to use it, how to purchase it, and so on.

2. Explain how to use existing products.

This can be especially effective for technical industries like automobile part makers and tool manufacturers. Chances are that many of the individuals on your email lists are existing customers, and they are likely interested in new products to enhance their field or make their jobs easier. A simple, short video showing how your products work might be just what they need to get them to make a purchase.

3. Include the word “video” in your subject line.

This has been a standard for about 10 years, and it still stands true today. For one researcher, doing so increased the email open rate by 6 percent.

4. Use video to cover events.

If you have an upcoming event or are at an event, a short video can give your audience a sneak peek and entice them to attend.

5. Create a series of videos.

A video series will reinforce the idea that you are a thought leader in your industry, and that can build trust with your prospects.

Your recipients may be intrigued and look forward to receiving your next video email. The more videos they watch, they more they are informed. Remember that growing awareness of your brand and what you offer is one of the goals of email marketing.

When recipients watch multiple videos or open multiple emails, it shows that they are sincerely interested in what you have to offer. That’s when your sales team can step in and try to convert the lead.

Videos in email marketing can explain how to use a product, introduce a new product, and showcase events.
Email marketing videos can explain how to use a product, introduce a new product, and showcase events that might interest your prospects.

Production Tips

Before you include videos in email marketing, you should know basic video production tips. They will vary depending on the situation, the lighting in the building, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the subject, the people or things in the video, and much more.

However, the following general video production tips may help you create email videos with more confidence.

1. For emails, keep them short. We would suggest 1 minute maximum. Videos specifically for YouTube can be more comprehensive, but there’s a difference. People know what they’re getting into when they watch a video on YouTube, but in this case, you don’t want to overwhelm your recipients, especially if they happen to be busy at the moment.

2. Use a professional-quality video camera if possible. It will help you keep the video steady, as well as tilt the camera and pan left and right smoothly. If you don’t have a high-quality camera, use a cellphone stand.

3. Test the video and the email before sending it out.

4. Remember basic principles of photography, such as:

    • Keeping an eye on the background. Make sure tree branches don’t look like horns on someone’s head, that you don’t get photobombed, and so on.
    • Keeping the video straight. To do so, find a vertical line in the background of the video (a pole, a corner of a wall, etc.). Typically, if that line is straight, your video is as well.
    • Avoiding filming names of brands other than your own, unless they are relevant to the video.
    • Avoiding overly colorful or flashy clothing, as well as black-and-white striped clothing.
    • Applying a dry powder on subjects’ faces before appearing on video, especially if they are wearing makeup.

5. Clean the background. Dust off countertops and remove clutter. The camera will likely see more than you do, so even if the background looks clean, go over it again with a fine-tooth comb.

Are video emails the way to go for your brand? They very well may be, but they are very involved. From understanding elements of photography to knowing how to use email marketing tools while optimizing each email, it’s a lot of work.

That’s why Optimized Marketing Group is here to help. Contact us for more information about email marketing, video marketing strategies, or any other marketing assistance you may need.

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