Real estate content marketing is a key to lead nurturing. In this image, a couple looks a an image of a house for sale on their laptop.

One house. That’s it.

Most people don’t need more than that, so only one Realtor will help them close on it. That’s part of the reason why competition within the real estate industry is fierce, and it reinforces the importance of nurturing real estate leads through content marketing.

One missed opportunity is all it takes for potential homebuyers to move on to your competitors. You clearly don’t want that to happen, but it’s also important to look at the big picture.

Content marketing serves many purposes in the real estate industry even if prospects don’t sign on the dotted line. Despite the lack of a sale, smart real estate marketing strategies can help you build connections and grow your brand for future lead generation.

Nurturing Real Estate Leads through Content Marketing

“Content” refers to any information on your website, social media pages, email marketing campaigns, print collateral, and more. Blogs, text on landing pages, videos, infographics, property search options, and calls to action are all part of content marketing.

One of your goals should be to add fresh content on your site on a regular basis, as well as to keep your social media channels updated.

Without updated content, your website can appear stale and stagnant. Search engines look for timely answers to search queries, so providing those answers on a timely basis may help you rank higher. Regularly updating content also gives you original information to share on your social media pages, which in turn takes users back to your website.

Content marketing is also a smart way to increase direct traffic. A prospects who, for instance, saw an interesting post on your social media page might be inclined to go directly to your site in the future. That’s also why it’s important to update your blog pages regularly; you want to give people a reason to come back by giving them something new to see.

Follow each visitor’s buyer’s journey by using a customer relationship management tool. You can use this CRM to communicate with the customer and keep in touch with satisfied homebuyers you’ve worked with in the past. Digital is today’s word-of-mouth, after all.

Features Every Real Estate Website Needs

Content marketing and real estate are a perfect combination for lead generation. This image shows a key in an open door.
Effective content marketing for the real estate industry is a key to growing brand awareness and lead generation opportunities.

As you do build a real estate website and enhance your social media presence, make sure it includes top-notch home search capabilities.

  • Feature frequent calls-to-action to allow visitors to contact you easily or explore a home that interests them. Especially for a real estate website, CTAs should be visible and easily accessible on every page, with every post, and with every home for sale.
  • Allow for easy navigation through photos of the home.
  • Include virtual home tour options, especially during this COVID-19 era.
  • Allow for virtual phone calls with the Realtor.
  • Offer details about the cost.
  • Include CTAs to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube pages.
  • Include a map view of each home that allows potential homebuyers to zoom in to see the house or out in order to explore the local area.
  • Offer advanced search and sorting options, which will allow homebuyers to find houses with a specified number of bedrooms, living room dimensions, garage space, etc.

Remember that the description of each home for sale should also list the local school district, shops, restaurants, gyms, services, outdoor recreation resources, and other highlights that may interest homebuyers.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Even people who are not in the market for a new house may be interested in looking at the pretty pictures. Even if website users don’t contact you or a lead never pans out, at the very least, your goal should be to keep people on your site as long as possible.

Content Marketing Assistance

With effective content marketing strategies, lead generation efforts, smart use of a CRM, and regular website updates, local Realtors can set themselves apart from the competition.

There’s a lot to do to keep up with the competition, however, and it’s a constant endeavor. Let us help you behind the scenes so that you can focus on making your customers’ dreams of home ownership come true.

This post is just a glimpse of how content marketing can help real estate agents. If you need a real estate website built or would like assistance with your digital marketing strategies, contact us through our website. We’ll walk you through it in more detail.

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