Branding and Social Media: Powerful Branding Techniques can Set You Apart from the Crowd

Powerful branding techniques can help you capture your prospects' attention on social media.

You might not want to hear it, but the truth is your competitors likely know many of the same things you do regarding social media marketing. If all you’re doing is the same things they are, you’re probably going to have equal results. In order to surpass the competition, you need to push it a step further with powerful branding techniques.

Posting photos on Facebook, a story on Instagram, a tweet on Twitter, and a video on YouTube are common social media strategies. Branding, on the other hand, requires the expertise of a marketing team, and it’s what will set you apart from the crowd.

What’s in a Brand?

Consumer perception is a critical component of the concept of branding. Powerful branding techniques show them what they will get from you, whether it’s an amazing haircut or the hottest new car. With the right strategies, consumers associate your brand with this end result. In other words, simply seeing or hearing the name of your brand becomes synonymous with what they can get from you.

Take a moment to play a little word association with us. What are the first images and words that comes to mind after you hear or read:

  • Kellogg’s
  • Apple
  • Chrysler
  • Cedar Point

Powerful branding techniques, including the creation of the perfect logos, can set you apart from the competition.If you’re anything like us when you read Kellogg’s, you imagined a red K and said “cereal.” But truly, is there anything in that word that actually says cereal? Not at all.

When you read Apple, you imagined your phone. Ironic, isn’t it, that just because the A is capitalized, you don’t imagine the fruit?

When you read Chrysler, the first word you thought of was “car,” and the image was of a movie star driving an extravagant black car smoothly down a winding mountain.

And Cedar Point? It was probably the phrase “amusement park” followed by the image of a bright sunny day, phenomenal roller coasters, and gleeful screams and laughter. Just the sound of the words “Cedar Point” insight feelings of joy and happiness.

That’s what’s in a brand, and only smart marketing strategies are effective enough to transform your product or service into a household name.

4 Ways Powerful Branding Techniques Set You Apart

1. They differentiate you from your competitors.

Your competitors offer the same product or service, but your logos, colors, themes, personality, and reputation allow consumers to identify each of your brands.

2. Your consumers remember you.

If you own a convenience store, it means little in terms of being competitive. Give your convenience store a brand and personality, and your consumers remember you. How often have you driven by the local convenience store and headed to a more well-known convenience store? That smaller store likely had the product you wanted, right? You just simply thought of that well-known store first.

3. Your posts will be more recognizable on social media.

Social media users are overwhelmed with posts and information. If they’re interested in your product, those recognizable logos will stand out to them, leading them to stop and look. Even if they don’t stop and look and simply scroll past your logo, it’s still likely etched into their minds.

4. You create a future for your brand.

Household brands are often passed on from generation to generation. Homeowners likely use many of the products that their parents used just because they became accustomed to seeing them. However, you still must remain current, relevant, and change with the times while continuing to provide that exceptional product. Smart strategies aim to keep your brand alive and kicking for the long haul.

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