Email marketing can be one of the most effective forms of digital content marketing.

Emails are far from dead and gone. To the contrary, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. The ultimate email marketing campaign entails researching the precise audience you want to reach and then obtaining appropriate ways to reach them.

With effective email campaigns, you know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, you can eliminate sources who are not interested in your product in order to pinpoint those who are. And when we say “those who are,” we mean real, living, breathing people.

Even beyond knowing how to accomplish all of the above, email marketing can still be a tricky area. Many rules and concepts must be followed, or you will risk being flagged for “spamming” random email addresses. No one likes rules, but in this case, it benefits everyone involved. In the end, you’ll also be able to take pride in the fact that you grew your brand the right way.

Following are only a handful of the email marketing rules and concepts that you should be aware of.

Email marketing can be effective when the emails are optimized for mobile devices.1. An unsubscribe option must be included with every marketing email that is sent.

If recipients unsubscribe, don’t sweat it. It simply means they’re not interested in what you’re sending, and if they’re not interested, you won’t get them to convert anyway. So onward and upward to those who did not click that unsubscribe option.

However, you should be concerned if recipients indicate that they did not give your business permission to contact them. Your business’s online reputation could diminish if you have too many of these responses.

2. Recipients should be addressed by name. It will catch their attention, appear more genuine, and show that the sender is a real person.

3. The email address should indicate a real person. You shouldn’t use something like “donotreply@” or “mail@.” An email address such as “sarah@” will resonate much better with your audience.

4. A call to action should be included. One. And only one.

The email should serve a specific purpose, and therefore all the recipients should be directed to that one landing page or website. This also enables the digital marketing agency to more fully collect analytics in order to determine the effectiveness of an email.

5. Don’t go overboard with art. If you choose to use art, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the email. If it does, your recipients might not find that CTA button or simply get frustrated with the email. Try to use only one image.

Some marketers say it’s OK to not use art at all. Art does grab attention, however, so we think one visual component in the email is worth it. The photo should also be optimized just in case the image isn’t visible on a recipient’s computer or mobile device.

6. Emails should be short, sweet, and catchy. They should be easy to read, feature attention-grabbing subject lines, and include white space within the body in order to reduce clutter and break apart chunks of text.

There are many more rather complex concepts associated with email marketing, which is why it’s important to have a qualified digital marketing agency to help you. Email marketing is truly a form of art in its own way, and when it’s done right, it could translate to greater conversions for your brand.

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