Our team

Our goal is to assist business owners nationwide in turning their dreams into reality.

Lena Khzouz

Chief Operating Officer

Skip Carlson

Chief Financial Officer

Rose Pearcy

Director of People Operations

Chris Peloquin

Visual Content Creator

Melinda Brault

Art Director

Katie Polakowski

Graphic Designer

Ursula Burden, MBA

Automation Manager


Full Stack Developer

Joey Lopez Jr.

Creative Intern


Chief Bark Officer

core values

We can see the designs floating around in our minds.

The optimal words flow off our fingertips. Creative business strategies hit us like lightning. We are fascinated with what’s going on in our clients’ industries and are driven to tell the world about it. We thrive on this constant energy and a zest for seeing our visions come to fruition.

We live to see a project not only completed, but to see it blossom into something greater than anyone imagined. It’s a contagious vibe, and we know you feel it too. That’s what brought you here, and what will continue to drive all of us toward not only fulfilling but surpassing the goals you’ve set.

Our team members complement each other in order to excel as a whole, and will do the same for you.

our culture code

Be Bold.

Desire to conquer the challenge at hand exists in our DNA.

Move Fast.

Status quo will never be enough in an industry that changes daily.

Slice Atoms.

Explode yesterday’s creativity with innovation for today.

Act like an Owner.

Self-motivation is a pivotal element of success. Be the leader in the room.

Demand Excellence.

Never accept a benchmark as success until the day you’re the benchmark.

let’s talk

Results Start Today.

Our ultimate goal is to see to it that your customers want you and no one else – because you’re it. You’re what’s hot, and when you’re hot, you will be at the top of their minds every time.
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