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Small- to medium-sized, local businesses have several tools that they can use to grow their brands. When you take advantage of our favorite tips for the best SMB website designs, you’ll find that your business will reap the benefits.

Features of the Best SMB Website Designs

1. Show ‘Em What You Can Do for ‘Em.

What does your business do? … Make that answer pop – clearly, proudly, cleanly, and on every page of your site. But don’t say too much. You don’t want to overwhelm the user. A few words should suffice.

2. Make it clean, clear, and concise.

Don’t neglect the use of white space to make it easier for people to browse the pages. Tell them what they need to know on each page, but don’t use too many words. Make sure you use a stylish, modern, clean, and easy-to-read font.

3. Art is a beautiful thing.

Photos and other design elements should be used to give your website visitors information, make your pages more appealing, and encourage users to click through to learn more about your business.

4. Show off your products.Optimizing website designs includes creating responsive designs for any mobile device. The best SMB website designs will include these features and many more.

Allow users to browse your products and offerings. Post photos of these products if possible.

5. Use your call-to-action buttons wisely.

Once your users have browsed your offerings on your website, make sure they can easily get to the next step: purchasing a product, signing up for a service, or asking for more information. Your call-to-action buttons should be simple, concise, and visible.

6. Make sure they can contact you.

If your website users are anything like we are, they will click on the “Contact Us” link often. That’s because it’s usually the go-to place for the basics. The contact page should include your phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address, and these facts should be in your footer as well.

Also consider including the names of people in your business along with what they do and their contact information, but only in a list format, on the contact page. You can tell users more about them in an “About Us” page on the site.

7. Brag a little.

Don’t forget about those testimonials. Include photos of the happy customers, or consider posting a video of them talking about how great you are.

8. Optimize for mobile.

More than 50 percent of all website visits come from a mobile device, so your website should be optimized for all forms of digital devices.

9. Keep your website alive.

One of the most important tips for the best SMB website designs is to regularly update your website through blogs, a calendar of events if appropriate, informative notes, and any other relevant information.

A website is no longer just a source of the basics about your business. Instead, it is now a way to communicate with your customers regularly.

10. Do tell everybody your business.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if no one sees it. Don’t overlook the power of social media. In fact, you should be active on social media sites every day by posting links to your blogs, reminding people about an upcoming event, or thanking or congratulating customers. There are endless ways to communicate on social media in order to bring customers to your site.

By the way, when you do post on social media pages, be sure to make your comments sound like they are coming from a real person, and include art with each and every post.

11. Make It Clear that You are a Part of the Community

Local businesses take pride in being a strong part of the community, and that should reflect on your website. Personalize the content on your site with blogs about local events, for example, or newsworthy information about what’s happening in your local area.

And 12: Reach Out to Us for Help

As for our favorite of the tips for the best SMB website designs, well that’s clear: Reach out to us! We’ll work with you to do all of the above for your brand and more. If you want to know how we can create an outstanding website and stronger brand presence for you, contact us today!

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